Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nina Scholz - Metal ist das neue Hippie


  1. Translation correction:". . . sieht Masciandaro die katholische Inquisition als gemeinsamen Bezugspunkt: »Der Ursprung des amerikanischen Black Metal liegt in der Inquisition.«"

    I was speaking about the band Inquisition and not about origins: "For me the essential feeling of American Black Metal is found in Inquistion. They truly communicate the dark cosmic power that becomes present in the western mountains at night. My body is trapped in the decadent impoverished cesspool of New York City. Chanting with Inquisition, my soul flies to its throne."

  2. A sloppy mistake in translation, fortunately it got corrected.
    The article overall is pretty well written though, but two points bother me nonetheless.

    I think it is kind of bold to call North America the "new centre" of Black Metal. At least in my experience there is just as much interesting and exciting stuff going on in South America, in Central, South and Eastern Europe, in parts of Asia, as well as in Scandinavia. Black Metal has always been a global thing and it still is.

    The second point I do not really agree with is that Burzum is titled an "extreme right-winged band", which in my opinion is simply not true. Yes, Vark Vikernes is a white supremacist (or whatever he calls himself), no doubt about that, but as far as I can see is Burzum not more a political band than e.g. WiTR ( but I guess that is just the usual caution concerning allegedly right-winged bands in the German media).

    Anyways, apart from that I really enjoyed reading the article and now I am evenmore looking forward to the Inquisition ritual at Deathkult Open Air this saturday.


  3. Wow, that is one sloppy article right there. Prejudice, political over-correctness, and factual mistakes all rolled into one. Very nice for creating heated discourse and flame-wars, but it only goes to show the author didn't really get it at all. Black metal is not about rationale or politics, even though many people that are 'part of it' might hold extreme views.

    What a waste of time. Better head over to Friedrichshain and spray-paint some windows.