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Forthcoming Black Metal Book: Black Metal: Evolution of a Cult

Offering an unparalleled level of detail, and spanning 600 pages, Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult captures the progress of the genre, from its infancy in the early eighties through to its resurrection in the nineties and onwards to the fascinating scene we see today. Combining a wealth of interviews with the key individuals involved with editorial insight and iconic (and often unseen) photography this epic tome examines the artistic, musical, spiritual development of the genre and the creative work, ideologies and often colourful lives of some of its most significant bands.
 Dayal Patterson


Monday, March 25, 2013

Metal Music Studies

Metal Music Studies
Edited by Karl Spracklen

Intellect is delighted to announce the development of Metal Music Studies. This journal fills a gap in the market – there is no other journal that has the sole focus of publishing research and theory that uses metal music as its subject matter. This is an anomaly, as the number of scholars working on metal music is large, and getting larger, as heavy metal becomes a legitimate focus of postgraduate study and scholarly activity. Metal music is a global phenomenon, with thriving scenes in every region. It is ubiquitous in popular culture and a form of music closely associated with modernity. Intellectual inquiry into metal music, then, is very relevant and timely – and this journal will be the only one of its kind, bringing together the metal music research that is currently otherwise published across a wide range of journals: in musicology, in cultural studies, in sociology and in other disciplines. As metal music studies grows as a truly interdisciplinary subject field, this journal will be in a position to nurture and develop the discipline.

International Society for Metal Music Studies 
The journal will be the official journal of the International Society for Metal Music Studies (ISMMS). ISMMS is a learned society for any scholar interested in metal music, and for anyone involved in metal music who is serious about their involvement: musicians, promoters, journalists, dedicated fans. ISMMS is developing its structures over the next 12 months – watch this space!

Call for Papers
Metal Music Studies is explicitly multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary: embracing both musicological research and music theory about metal music, and social scientific and humanistic research about metal music as a genre. We aim to receive contributions from researchers and theorists aligned with the subject field of metal music studies, but also researchers and theorists from other disciplines. This journal will continue to draw on this inter-disciplinary approach, nurturing the development of an academic combination of metal musicology, metal cultures and metal studies. We would be happy to receive contributions from scholars in the parent disciplines of music theory, musicology, aesthetics, music technology, performance, art, policy studies, politics, cultural studies, economics, pedagogy, sociology, linguistics, psychology, history, regional studies, theology, philosophy, and natural sciences. The journal will accept and commission shorter pieces from those involved in the metal music industry: journalists, label owners and other industry insiders, managers, musicians and fans.
Information on deadlines, styles, word counts will appear on the MMS page on Intellect and in further announcements through 2013 and 2014.

For more information contact the Principal Editor: Karl Spracklen,
Title Information
Full Title: Metal Music Studies
Editor: Karl Spracklen
ISBN: 20523998
Published by: Intellect | Publication: 2015
Territory: World | Readership: General / Academic

For more information please contact Jessica Pennock | | +44 (0) 117 958 9910

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Black Metal Theory [lecture notes: 27/11/12]

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Edia Connole and Michael O’Rourke

Black Metal Theory, NCAD, 27-11-12

Introductory Reading:


Edia Connole (2011) What is Black Metal Theory?

  [scroll down to lecture 7]


Until the Light Takes Us (2009) dir. Aaron Aites and Audrey Ewell

Presentation 1:

Presentation 2:

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From A Dark Place: Black Metal's Inversion of Ethics and Aesthetics

The words are barely discernible, thin, fragile shapes formed out of the hoarse yet bellicose raging of a desiccated, cadaverous throat, leprous, shredded; its death-rattled breath conveyed by the thundering vibrations of drums breathlessly pummelled without pause. There is no rock ‘n’ roll backbeat here, just a furious cacophony.  Voice smashed and sliced open by explosions of percussion challenging the darkness, buzzing guitar chords rising and falling up the scale, lurching, striving like a swarm of ravenous insects dipping and swerving in the frozen, airless void, defying gravity, seeking the taste of death ... (From Scott Wilson (ed) Melancology: Black Metal and Ecology, Zero Books, forthcoming in 2013).

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Gewaltkunstwerk at Kristiansand Kunsthall (Norway)

Full documentation by photographer William Lacalmontie available via