Friday, December 18, 2009

Black Metal Theory Symposium I (2009) - audio

Sound recordings of select presentations distributable as one file. Download here.

Or individually:

Anthony Sciscione - ‘Goatsteps behind my steps’: Black Metal and Ritual Renewal (mp3)
Brandon Stosuy - Meaningful Leaning Mess (mp3)
Erik Butler - The Counter-Reformation in Stone and Metal: Spiritual Substances (mp3)
Hunter Hunt-Hendrix - Transcendental Black Metal (mp3)
Joseph Russo - Perpetue Putesco - Perpetually I Putrefy (mp3)
Niall Scott - Black Confessions and Absu-lution (mp3)
Nicola Masciandaro - Anti-Cosmosis: Black Mahapralaya (mp3)
Scott Wilson - BAsileus philosoPHOrum METaloricum (mp3)
Steven Shakespeare - The Light that Illuminates Itself, the Dark that Soils itself: Blackened Notes from Schelling's Underground (mp3)